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1998 Program


25 February SciPub I: Bones of Contention - interpreting Australia's past. Paul Tacon (Australian Museum)

25 March SciPub II: God and the Big Bang. Charley Lineweaver (UNSW) and John Cleary (ABC)

04 May SciPub III: Dark Matter: the stuff that holds the Universe together. Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Anglo Australian Observatory) and Mark Walker (U. Sydney)

06 May SciPub IV: Road Blocks in the Path of Cancer Research. Carolyn Mountford (Instute Magnetic Resonance) and Jan Forbes (UTS)

07 May SciPub V: Frogs are dying - who cares? Michael Tyler (U. Adelaide) and Arthur White (Biosphere Environment)

24 June SciPub VI: Science and the Media: Friend or Foe? Richard Fullaghar (Australian Museum) & Michael Burton (UNSW) vs Alison Leigh (ABC) & Bernadette Hobbs (ABC)

07 July: SciPub GCI (Gold Coast): (VIa) Genetics: a reality check. Nigel Morrison and Tony Perkins (Griffith University)

29 July SciPub VII: Feeling for the Future: information technology and computer science. Saul Griffiths (ex-UNSW) & Alfred Conlon (ex-UNSW)

24 August SciPub VIII: The Future Drinkers. Tim Flannery (Australian Museum).

26 August SciPub IX: The Science of Boozology. Bernadette Hobbs (ABC), Jenny Jones (UTS) and Peter Macinnis (ASC).

02 September: SciPub BrI (Brisbane): (VIIIa) Immigration and Science: please explain! Professor Ian Lowe, Griffith Univ., Hamish McCallum, UQ and Ken Warneke, AQIS.

30 September: SciPub X: Rocks - Why on Earth should we care? Armstrong Osborne (U. Sydney) and Professor Evan Leitch (UTS)

28 October: SciPub XI: Animal Rights and Wrongs. Josh Stern (UNSW) and Eugenie Lumbers (UNSW)

25 November: SciPub XII: Science in Art - Art in Science. Joe Wolfe (UNSW) and Richard Taylor (UNSW)

08 December: SciPub BrII (Brisbane): (XIIa) Biotechnology- friend or foe? Dooley's Pub, Fortitude Valley.

16 December: ASC Xmas Party at the Duke of Edinburgh. ASC members $10, Non-members $15 to cover cost of finger food. Drinks available for sale at the bar. All SciPub participants and attendees welcome. Features auction for the Best and Worst SciPub poetry of 98!



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