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ABC Radio SciPub has been recorded by ABC Radio, and a selection of the best are played over the summer on ABC Radio National . Tune in at Midday on Fridays, starting Christmas Day (yes, Christmas Day!).

Put your dial to the following settings:

  • Adelaide 729AM, Brisbane 792AM, Canberra 846AM, Darwin 657AM, Gold Coast 90.1FM, Hobart 585AM, Melbourne 621AM, Newcastle 1512AM, Perth 810AM, Sydney 576AM.

The 1998/1999 program was as follows:

  • 25 December, 1998: Dark Matter
  • 1 January, 1999: Frogs are Dying: Who Cares?
  • 8 January, 1999: Genetics: a reality check
  • 15 January, 1999: Animal Rights and Wrongs
  • 22 January, 1999: Feeling for the Future: information technology and computer science

The best of 1999 SciPub was also broadcast again on the ABC over the 1999/2000 Christmas period.

Excerpts from the other SciPub's will also be broadcast during these shows. Full details can be obtained from the ABC Lab page.


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