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SciPub is also endeavouring to get into the Bush in NSW, and even venture to the nation's capital. The following sessions have been held.

06 February 1999, SciPub XIII in Canowindra, in central NSW: `Dead fish spark life in rural town?', with palaeontologist Alec Ritchie, Robyn Wilkinson, a swag of locals and some eminent State pollies.

02 May 1999, SciPub XVIII in Canberra: `Science and Politics' will discuss the role of politics in science with Professor Snow Barlow, former Chief, Agriculture, Food and Social Sciences Division, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Professor Martin Harwit, former Director, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, USA and Senator Kate Lundy, Shadow Minister for Information Technology.

06 May 1999, SciPub XX in Newcastle: `Hitchhikers' Guide to the Pub - an evening with Douglas Adams' Presenters Douglas Adams, author of `A Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy' and Dr John O'Connor, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Newcastle.

17-23 October, during 'Water Week' in Albury-Wodonga: `Water: surveillance technology'.

05 November 1999, in the Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, as part of the Festival of Stars and AstroWeek: `Astronomy's role in determining our Culture', with astronomers David Malin and Fred Watson from the Anglo Australian Observatory.

30 April 2000, SciPub XXXIX: Canberra, ACT. Science in the Pub goes Forensic! Is DNA testing a new crime-fighting tool or an invasion of privacy? Forensic experts James Robertson (Australian Federal Police) and Alastair Ross (National Institute of Forensic Science).

5 May 2000, SciPub XXXXII: Silverton Pub, Broken Hill. 'Life, the Universe and Everything', with Professor Ian Plimer (University of Melbourne) and Dr Fred Watson (Anglo Australian Observatory), compered by Paul Willis and Bernie Hobbs. Although geology and mining sciences are the obvious choices for Broken Hill, one of Australia's leading mining centres, the mineral deposits are rapidly being depleted and so far, no worthwhile mineable deposit has been found to replace them. Consequently, Broken Hill is looking to reassess its situation and plans to develop as a leader in the tourist industry. With this in mind, Science in the Pub will present 'Life, the Universe and Everything!' and discuss where Broken Hill might go.

11, May 2000, SciPub XXXXVI: Port of Bourke Hotel, Bourke. 'River of Dreams? ... or Nightmares? The science involved'. Professor Ian Lowe, Environmental Scientist, Griffith University and Mr Ian Cole, chair of the Cotton Authority, Bourke, compered by Paul Willis and Bernie Hobbs. Bourke lies on the Darling River and was a major inland river port up until the beginning of the last century. Potential scientific issues for the Science in the Pub session arise from problems associated with Darling River water use. These include the salinity problems of the Murray Darling Basin and the blue-green algal blooms. Cotton growing and the use of gene technology to overcome insecticide problems could be discussed. Feral fish and efforts to restock with Australian native fish is another topic suggested to the local organisers. Scientists will be drawn from local scientific government agencies (Fisheries; Border Rivers Commission; Murray-Darling Basin Co-operative Research Centre) in collaboration with Professor Ian Lowe (Griffith University, Queensland).

13, July 2000, The Canobalos Hotel, 248 Summer Street, Orange, NSW, 7-9pm. SciPub L: 'Is Palaeontology a Dead Science?'. With John Laurie, Curator of Paleontological Collections at the Australian Geographical Survey Office and Cindy Hann, Education Officer at AGSO.

Friday 27 October 2000, Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, SciPub LIV. 7.00–9.00 pm 'Astronomy's looking up - but where to?' With optical/infrared astronomer Michael Burton and radio astronomer Ray Norris, and compered by Wilson da Silva. This edition of SciPub looks at the world of astronomy, how its has developed through the ages, where it is going and the big questions that it seeks to address. In particular we will discuss what role Australia might play in what is now a global pursuit of our origins, especially with regard to the squeeze in basic science funding we are suffering as a nation. It takes place during the yearly AstroFest at Coonabarabran.

Tuesday February 20, 2001, SciPub LIX: The Coachman Hotel, corner of Welcome & Dalton Streets, Parkes, NSW. 7.00 - 9.00 PM Science in the Pub™ visits Parkes to take a look at Celestial considerations: stardust, sunspots and solar storms with astronomers Dr Robert Walsh, Research Fellow in the Solar Theory Group at the University of St. Andrews in the UK; Dr Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge of the Anglo-Australian Observatory near Coonabarabran and Dr John Sarkissian, Operations Scientist at the Parkes Radio Observatory. Enjoy their cosmic collaboration under the baton of our titillating compere, Dr Paul Willis, ABC science reporter and palaeontologist. You will learn about solar flares and sunspots, what makes a radio telescope tick and lots about the motions of stars and galaxies. You might even be lucky enough to be serenaded by the famous Fred as he croons his cosmic compositions as he accompanies himself by guitar. This session is a special feature brought to you by ABC Science, Science in the Pub, the British Council and CSIRO's Parkes Observatory.

Thursday April 19, 2001, Canowindra Junction Hotel with the Age of Fishes Museum, Science and the Media.

Sunday April 29, 2001, SciPub LXI: King O'Malleys Pub, Canberra, 4-6pm. Science in the Pub Plays Games. With John de Margheriti and Professor Kevin Durkin. Part of the Australian Science Festival.

Friday October 26, 2001, SciPub LXV: 7.00 –9.00 PM, Imperial Hotel, John Street, Coonabarabran, NSW. Heaven on Earth–is astronomy missing something? With panellists Alan Wright and Andre Phillips. Compered by Fred Watson. We look at what might be missing in our quest to understand the Universe. Modern astrophysics has a lot to tell us about the origin and evolution of the Universe: its size, age, even its eventual fate. But are there cosmological secrets hidden right under our nose here on Earth? And is our long-distance view of things really as accurate as we'd like to believe?

Tuesday, March 19 2002: 'Life, the Universe and Everything!', 7:00-9:30pm, Northern Star Hotel, 112 Beaumont Street, Hamilton, Newcastle. With Dr Fred Watson and Professor David Malin from the Anglo Australian Observatory, and Associate Professor John O'Connor from the University of Newcastle. Compered by the ABC's Dr Paul Willis.

Friday, October 25 2002: 'The Cosmic Jigsaw: are there pieces missing?', 7:00-9:00pm, Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, NSW. This year's panelists for the annual Festival of the Stars are John Sarkissian, of the Parkes Radio Telescope, and Michael Burton, of the University of New South Wales. Guest compere will be the ABC's popular Morning Show presenter, Lisa Hampshire, aided and abetted by Coonabarabran's singing astronomer, Fred Watson (also sometimes seen at the Anglo Australian Observatory)! Admission free with the purchase of $5-worth of raffle tickets. And remember, the SciPub raffle has the most memorable prizes in the Universe! Come early to make sure of a seat........

Friday October 31 2003: Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, 7pm: SciPub LXXII What is a planet?! A repeat of the successful session stage for the International Astronomical Union General Assembly, this time for the public rather than a professional audience. And with a different panel of speakers. Featuring Brad Carter, from the University of Southern Queensland, an exo-planet hunter with the Anglo Australian Telescope, and John Dawes, former manager of Siding Spring Observatory. Compered by Michael Burton from the University of New South Wales, aided and abetted by the one and only Fred Watson.

Friday July 16 2004: SciPub LXXIII Life, the Universe and Everything! Coachman Hotel, Parkes, NSW. 18:00-20:00. Everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy. With Science in the Pub's favourite compere, Fred Watson, and guests David Malin, John Reynolds and Brian Boyle, who are, respectively, the famous astrophotographer, the head of the Parkes Observatory, and the Director of the Australia Telescope. A part of the Central West Astronomical Society Astrofest. For further information please contact John Sarkissian at Parkes Observatory on (02) 6861-1777.


Friday October 22 2004: SciPub LXXV Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, 19:00-21:00. What more does the Universe have to do?. With the evergreen Fred Watson and Rob Hollow, education officer with the Australia Telescope. Compered by ABC Central West morning show host Jen Lacey. The annual event that is also a part of the Warrumbungle Festival of the Stars.



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