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2001 Program

Thursday January 11, 2001, SciPub LVII. Harlequin Inn, Sydney,
7.00 - 9.00 pm. Science in the Pub takes a look at some of the key issues surrounding the development and use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for the first session of 2001. It is being held in collaboration with the National Youth Science Forum and the British Council. Genetic engineering technology is extremely powerful and if used correctly it promises great benefits. Many believe that the more powerful the technology, the more care must there be in applying it. In manipulating the genes of organisms are we running the risk of changing the path of evolution? What if some of the GMOs escape into the natural environment? These are but some of the issues to be discussed by tonight's distinguished scientists, Professor Alan Gray, Director of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Dorset, UK, and Dr Shanny Dyer, Scientific Director of Avax Australia. Compered by Dr Paul Willis, ABC Quantum reporter.

Saturday February 3, 2001, SciPub LVIII. PCST2001 Conference, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. SciPub goes abroad, to Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) conference at CERN on February 3. Alf Conlon will be the compere and the theme will be 'HEP colliding with GDP', with panelists Australians in CERN Dr Leanne Guy and Dr Emmanuel Tsesmelis and from Dublin, Dr Brian Trench. This is of course, in honour of the host organisation, CERN, where there are a number of Australian physicists on tap (the panelists included!). With special sponsorship from Foster's beer!

Tuesday February 20, 2001, SciPub LIX: The Coachman Hotel, corner of Welcome & Dalton Streets, Parkes, NSW. 7.00 - 9.00 PM Science in the Pub™ visits Parkes to take a look at Celestial considerations: stardust, sunspots and solar storms with astronomers Dr Robert Walsh, Research Fellow in the Solar Theory Group at the University of St. Andrews in the UK; Dr Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge of the Anglo-Australian Observatory near Coonabarabran and Dr John Sarkissian, Operations Scientist at the Parkes Radio Observatory. Enjoy their cosmic collaboration under the baton of our titillating compere, Dr Paul Willis, ABC science reporter and palaeontologist. You will learn about solar flares and sunspots, what makes a radio telescope tick and lots about the motions of stars and galaxies. You might even be lucky enough to be serenaded by the famous Fred as he croons his cosmic compositions as he accompanies himself by guitar. This session is a special feature brought to you by ABC Science, Science in the Pub, the British Council and CSIRO's Parkes Observatory.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001, SciPub LX: Harlequin Inn, Sydney. 7-9pm.
A special event for "Brain Awareness Week" – Can we understand the mind and consciousness? Featuring Professor Max Coltheart, Director of the Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science at Macquarie University, and Dr Peter Slezak, a philosopher from the Program in Cognitive Science, in the School of Science & Technology Studies at the University of New South Wales. Both stars from the ABC's FAQ! Compered by ABC reporter Dr Paul Willis.

Thursday April 19, 2001, Canowindra Junction Hotel with the Age of Fishes Museum, Science and the Media.

Sunday April 29, 2001, SciPub LXI: King O'Malleys Pub, Canberra, 4-6pm. Science in the Pub Plays Games. With John de Margheriti and Professor Kevin Durkin. Part of the Australian Science Festival.

May 10, 2001, Terminus Hotel, Brisbane. 'This wont hurt a bit! What price for immunisation?'

May 10, 2001, Harlequin Inn, Sydney, 'The mob with no wheel'.

Wednesday July 4, 2001, SciPub LXII: Harlequin Inn, Sydney. 7-9pm.
In the Universe does God=42? Featuring cosmologist Dr Charley Lineweaver from the School of Physics of UNSW and astrophysicist Dr Martin Hendry from the University of Glasgow. Compered by none other than Science in the Pub's (and the Anglo Australian Observatory's) very own Dr Fred Watson. Science in the Pub takes a look at what modern astrophysics tells us about the origin and evolution of the Universe: its size, age and even its eventual fate.

Tuesday July 10, 2001, SciPub LXIII: Harlequin Inn, Sydney. 7-9pm.
A special event for CONASTA's 50th conference. Science ethics across the Board. Featuring science writer Margaret Wertheim and marine biologist Kirsten Benkendorff. Science in the Pun ponders some of the ethical issues that are being rasied about science in our society. Compered by David Ellyard.

September 25 2001, SciPub LXIV: 6:30pm, Harlequin Inn, Sydney, as part of the Australian Science Communicator's annual conference, 2001 A Science Odyssey: Chance for Change, running from September 23-26 at the Powerhouse Museum. Science communicators in a knowledge nation: wise people or wise guys? With Brian Trench (Ireland), Professor Eugenie Lumbers (UNSW) and Tim Littlejohn.

Friday October 26, 2001, SciPub LXV: 7.00 – 9.00 pm, Imperial Hotel, John Street, Coonabarabran, NSW. Heaven on Earth–is astronomy missing something? With panelists Alan Wright and Andre Phillips. Compered by Fred Watson. We look at what might be missing in our quest to understand the Universe. Modern astrophysics has a lot to tell us about the origin and evolution of the Universe: its size, age, even its eventual fate. But are there cosmological secrets hidden right under our nose here on Earth? And is our long-distance view of things really as accurate as we'd like to believe?

Wednesday November 14 2001, SciPub LXVI: Plaza Ballroom, Radisson Plaza, Cairns City. World Heritage: populate or perish? Science in the Pub visits Cairns to take a look at the issues involved in maintaining a World Heritage area. What are the main threats to our heritage–population growth, ignorance or greed? These questions and many more will be addressed by our four panellists: Professor Richard Pearson, Ms Karen Benn, Dr Jonathan Nott and Councillor Mike Berwick, Mayor of Douglas Shire. Maintaining order and keeping the show on the road will be compere, Professor Brian Roberts. Brian will be ably assisted by ABC presenters, Ms Pat Morrish and Mr Jason Hagen who will be sparking questions and comments from the audience.

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