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Victoria SciPub has also moved south of the NSW border, to Melbourne. The following sessions have been held.

Thursday 22 April 1999, SciPub XVI: `Popularise or Perish: communicating CRC research' with Professor Peter Cullen, President of FASTs (Federation of Scientific and Technological Societies), Dr Gael Jennings (ABC Radio) and Ms Elizabeth Elenius, Communications manager, Australian Photonics CRC.

Saturday May 8 1999, SciPub XXI: `Emerging diseases, are we ready?' , with Sir Gus Nossal, former director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and Laurie Garret, Pulitzer prize winning author of `The Coming Plague', who will take a look at the effect of the increasing virulence of various microbes on the human species.

Thursday 8 July 1999, SciPub XXIV: `Greenhouse warming is a lot of hot air' with Professor Ian Plimer, School of Earth Science, University of Melbourne and Professor Ann Henderson-Sellers, Director, Environment, ANSTO and member of National Greenhouse Advisory Panel.

3 May 2000, Melbourne, SciPub XXXX, during 'ScienceNow': 'Life OFF Earth: are we alone?' featuring Paul Davies and the Hencoups (Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest).


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