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Sunday June 15, 2003: Trout Bar and Cafe, North Hobart - 5pm to 6.30pm. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Antarctic science and what part Australia plays. There is nothing nerdy about this cool science. This is world-class science available to all through a wonderful, relaxed and fun forum. Antarctic science is helping and will continue to help tell us about our history and our future, global environmental issues such as climate change and sustainable fisheries management. Join Australian Antarctic Division scientists Dr Barbara Wienecke (seabird ecologist), Dr Barbara Smith (glaciologist), Dr Graeme Hosie (marine biologist) and Mike Craven (glaciologist/physicist) as they share their passion and knowledge of the exciting world in which they work. The session will be hosted by the ABC's Tim Cox. This heady mix of AAD expertise and Tim's good looks make for a brilliant meeting of brains and beauty!

There are two special events in Sydney in July at the Harlequin Inn associated with the International Astronomical Union's General Assembly. They are part of Astronomy on the Go, a public outreach program featuring astronomical tours of regional New South Wales:

Wednesday July 16: SciPub LXX Life, the Universe and Everything! Everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy. Open to the public. With Science in the Pub's favourite guests, Fred Watson and David Malin. Compered by Alf Conlon.

Wednesday July 23: SciPub LXXI What is a planet?! Must planets exist around a star, or are there "free-floating" planets? What's the difference between a "brown dwarf" and a "hot Jupiter"? Is there a difference in origin or is this just a matter of semantics? Designed for a professional audience, the delegates of the International Astronomical Union General Assembly, taking place in the Sydney Convention Centre this week. Guests include Penny Sackett, director of the Mount Stromlo Observatory (the Research Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the ANU), Chris Tinney of the Anglo Australian Observatory, Pat Roche from Oxford University and Gibor Basri of the University of California at Berkeley. Compered by Fred Watson.

Friday October 31: Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, 7pm: SciPub LXXII What is a planet?! A repeat of the successful session stage for the International Astronomical Union General Assembly, this time for the public rather than a professional audience. And with a different panel of speakers. Featuring Brad Carter, from the University of Southern Queensland, an exo-planet hunter with the Anglo Australian Telescope, and John Dawes, former manager of Siding Spring Observatory. Compered by Michael Burton from the University of New South Wales, aided and abetted by the one and only Fred Watson.


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