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2002 Program

Wednesday March 13th, 2002, SciPub LXVII. Harlequin Inn, Sydney,
Science in the Pub presents Brain Studies: Grey Matter vs Black Boxes when it tunes into Brain Awareness Week to explore advances in our knowledge of the human brain. There were almost no drugs for brain disorders 50 years ago and there was little understanding of the diseases themselves. Since then, aided by the development of new technologies, there have been some giant steps in brain research. But what matters more, brain function or brain structure? With Professor John Hodges, a neurologist from the University of Cambridge and Dr Evian Gordon, Director of the Brain Dynamics Centre attached to Westmead Hospital. Our switched-on comperes, Danny Kingsley, ABC Science writer and Alf Conlon, former ABC Online presenter, will guide the lively discussion.

Tuesday March 19th, 2002, SciPub LXVIII, Northern Star Hotel, Newcastle.
Life, the Universe and Everything! Science in the Pub visits the Northern Star pub in Newcastle to take a look at the Big Questions. We have two eminent astronomers from the Anglo Australian Observatory, Dr. Fred Watson and Professor David Malin and the University of Newcastle's Associate Professor John O'Connor, physicist and science communicator. Compere ABC's Dr Paul Willis.

Friday October 25th, 2002, SciPub LIXX, Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran.
Science in the Pub takes a look at how astronomers conduct their quest to understand the Universe. Modern astrophysics has a lot to tell us about the Cosmos, and astrophysicists have many different tools to explore it. Radio telescopes, millimetre-wave telescopes, infrared and optical telescopes–to name but a few. But are astronomers missing out by concentrating only on their particular bit of the electromagnetic spectrum? Are they just 'wavelength-chauvinists'? This year's panellists for the annual Festival of the Stars are Michael Burton, from the University of New South Wales, and John Sarkissian, operations scientist from the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope. To keep it all under control will be special guest compere Lisa Hampshire–star presenter of the ABC's Morning Show in the Central West and Western Plains area. Lisa will be aided and abetted by Coonabarabran's own crooning astronomer, Fred Watson of the Anglo Australian Observatory.



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