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Venues in Sydney unless otherwise specified
Note: All sessions are provisional until a link to its program appears!

06 February SciPub XIII: At Canowindra, in central NSW: `Dead fish spark life in rural town?', with paleontologist Alec Ritchie, Robyn Wilkinson, a swag of locals and some eminent State pollies.

24 February SciPub XIV: `Gut Feelings on Water Quality', with Bob Wilson from Sydney Water and Chris Davis, executive director of the Australian Water and Wastewater Association.

31 March SciPub XV: `Views of the Universe: Astronomy and Culture' with astronomers Fred Watson and David Malin of the Anglo Australian Observatory, and possibly Fred's guitar...

22 April SciPub XVI: `Popularise or Perish: communicating CRC research' with Professor Peter Cullen, President of FASTs (Federation of Scientific and Technological Societies), Dr Gael Jennings (ABC Radio) and Ms Elizabeth Elenius, Communications manager, Australian Photonics CRC.
This session will be presented by the Science in the Pub team for the Cooperative Research Centre Association Conference in the Sofitel Hotel (Promendade 1st Floor), Melbourne, from 11am-12:30pm.

28 April - 8 May 1999: National Science Week with Special Events with 5 events in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Newcastle.

26 May SciPub XXII: `Science and Fraud' Professor Brynn Hibbert, School of Chemistry, UNSW and Dr. Norman Swan, ABC Health Report.

30 June SciPub XXIII: `Waiter! There's a Gene in my Soup!'. A joint session with the Australian Biotech Association on the theme of Genetic Engineering. With Carole Renouf, Senior Policy Officer, Australian Consumers Association and Dr T J V Higgins, Chief Research Scientist and Program Leader CSIRO Plant Industry.

8 July SciPub XXIV: `Greenhouse warming is a lot of hot air' Professor Ian Plimer, School of Earth Science, University of Melbourne and Professor Ann Henderson-Sellers, Director, Environment, ANSTO and member of National Greenhouse Advisory Panel.

On the occassion of the 5th International Conference on School and Popular Education in Meteorology, `Education: Weather, Ocean, Climate'. In the Stewarts Hotel, cnr of Elgin and Drummond Streets, Melbourne, from 7:30-10:00pm. Note: this meeting is only available through booking. Contact the Meteorology CRC, 03-9905-9660 (T), 03-9905-9689 (F), email Dinner is available beforehand in Lygon Street. Bookings essential. Call 03-9347-3116.

28 July SciPub XXV: `Australia - lost in space?' on the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, with Jeff Kingwell (CRC for Satellite Systems) and Philip Young (National Space Society of Australia).

25 August SciPub XXVI: `Atomic angst and the way ahead', with Ian Hore-Lacy, General Manager of the Uranium Information Centre and Dr John Boldeman, Director of the Australian Synchrotron Research Program at ANSTO.

SciPub looks at the future of nuclear energy and of nuclear science.

29 September SciPub XXVII: `September Session brings Quantum Surprises' - an informal session to meet members of ABC's Qunatum team. Share their science, production secrets and some bloopers! A special session featuring outakes from the production of ABC's popular science program Quantum, with commentary by the reporters on what went wrong and what went right. We will be discussing what science makes good Quantum stories and how science reporting has changed over Quantum time. Your opportunity to question the Quantum team about their production. Any one or all of the following ABC Quantum team could join us: Leigh Dayton, Geoff Burchfield, Wilson da Silva, Richard Caulfield and Paul Willis. Note: entry now $5 or $5 worth of raffle tickets.

19 October SciPub XXXII: `Scales of injustice: a feral fish fallacy?', in Albury, featuring Andre Sanger and Paul Humphries.

27 October SciPub XXVIII: `Whither Antarctica: Science and Tourism - are they compatible?' Michael Stoddart, Chief Scientist, Antarctic Division and Greg Mortimer, Aurora Expeditions.

5 November SciPub XXIX: in the Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran, as part of the `Festival of Stars' and `AstroWeek': `Life, the Universe and Everything', with astronomers David Malin and Fred Watson from the Anglo Australian Observatory, and compered by ABC Quantum's Wilson da Silva. The night before the Republican Referendum!

18 November SciPub XXX: `Aussie animals as pets: out with puss and in with poss?', at the Australian Museum, Sydney. with Director of the Australian Museum, Professor Mike Archer and Sydney University veterinarian, Dr Paul Hopgood.

24 November SciPub XXXI: `The Age of the Universe' with astronomers Dr Charley Lineweaver (UNSW) and Dr. Brian Schmidt (MSSSO).

15 December: ASC Xmas Party at The Pub - The Harlequin Inn, from 6.00-8.300pm ASC members $10, Non-members $15, includes finger food from Gong Thai restaurant. Drinks can be purchased from the bar. All SciPub participants and attendees welcome. Features auction for the Best and Worst SciPub poetry of 99!

Venues in Sydney unless otherwise specified
Note: All sessions are provisional until a link to its program appears!



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